1.1 The publisher attracts lots of readers, expands the audience with the help of the quickest method of sale and delivery, that is with the help of electronics.

Minus paper, minus publication, minus delivery, plus new audience. 

1.2 offers the publishers a transmulation of a pdf file to such a form, which is protected from the xerox, suitable for online viewes. At the same time, it is available for downloading and reading with off-line mode on the special appendix, which examines the reader’s right receiving the electronic version. Intuitive 3D-reader allows to bring the visual to reality, that is paper variant.

1.3. For the use can provide online 3D reader on the publisher’s website. 

1.4. The publisher gets an opportunity to put all his publications archives on our website which is appropriate for reading and protected from the xerox. provides a place to keep them, archives search system, organization of availability according to arrangements with publishers.

1.5. doesn’t struggle with proper website of periodical and publishing. Their probems are different. is only one more tube for consumption and attraction of the reader audience.

1.6. In your periodical electronic variants the advertisement stays with the same form and size, as it does in the publishings. So, the reader gets an opportunity to enter into advertiser’s website just from the periodical electronic page.

1.7. provides the publisher the statistics about addressing their periodical files users, and viewing the prospectus. If a periodical is put on the website for free, it composes statistics about viewing certain pages. The publisher gets the right and availability to follow the statistics about his publications, add and edit some information about publishing, information about publications, and to put the prospectus.

1.8. Later the views in electronic copies of publications  can be added to the total number of  printed version for you to present your advertisers.

1.9. The company plans wide advertising of the project.
  - pushing the website forward in the search system, optimization for finding the necessary thing easily,
- Context advertisement,
- search advertisement,
- baners’ advertisement,
- advertisement in printed periodicals and directories 

Advertising our website we advertise Your periodicals

2. Your readers will have an opportunity not only to read periodicals on our website, but also download them to their computer, if you agree. You must pay for this service. The electronic variant of downloaded fee will be taken from the personal account of subscriber after the confirmation of periodical choice.

The subscriber can fill his personal account in the following way.
- electronic money,
- debit card of legal or common man
- credit / debit card 

The publisher has the right to define the the value of publication by himself.

Every month our company will automatically present the publishers the transfer of money to the publisher’s bank account for the service (excluding agent bonuses) for the views of their publications on the website and amount of “downloading” claims.





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