Which information is considered to be private?
The information is considered to be private, when can receive about the user on the period while the letter is  on the website. And basically it deals with the specific user.

The use and acquisition of personal information. receives the personal information about the user during the registration, his use of services and while the user is on the website. automatically receives and registrates on the logs the technical information from the user’s browser- IP address, cookies, the technical information about browser and operation system and the needed page number.

The whole received information uses only for one purpose, that is to make the services as appropriate and useful as possible for the user.

The use of received e-mail addreses
During the registration on the website, the e-mail put by the user, is used for the restoration of password, urgent connection with the user as well as for delivering the notifications, corresponding with the subscription which is defined by the user’s tools. The e-mail put by the non-registered user while transferring the information can be used for any information delivery and for notifying users. It is published on the website in open form.

The use and opening of personal information doesn’t sell and provide a personal informaton about the users, except those cases:
- The user is willing to open the information,
- It is impossible to use the necessary materials and service without it,
- They are claimed by armenian, russian ot international legislations and/or the authorities, preserving legal procedure,
- The user violates user agreement.


Cookies service can record cookies to the user’s computer and use them later


The information editing and personal tools gives an opportunity to the users to change their personal information or personal tools at any moment.

The security
The availability of private information of user and his personal tools is protected with password. Even in the case of lose, it isn’t restored but replaced by the new one.

The variations of privacy policy can make changes in the Policy of information security. If there are vital changes, is obliged to inform the users about them.





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