Internet advertisement on the printed periodical website

If you need a qualified application about yourselves on the Internet, please, use perspective advertisement platform.

Our service includes the great part of armenian and russian periodicals. The structure allows to classify prined resourses more complete and find them in our database, according to their thematic focus, name and location. Currently there are over 1000 electronic variants of newspapers and magazines on our website. Every month around 20 names will be added to the list of periodicals. All numbers are available for reading, among them the archives. On the primary pages of periodicals one can find  information about periodical, its printings, location, affiliation to a publishing house, as well as the announcement of periodical.

For the Internet advertisement, you can choose a specific thematic part, publication of interest and headline pages of our website.

Technical requirements about banners. General requirements
1.    The  size of each file (gif, swf) shouldn’t be over 50 Kb
2.    Geometric dimensions of Gif և Flash files for the banners of fixed size must be properly corresponded to those advertisement places where the istallation is supposed to be.
3.    For the installation of Flash banners it is necessary to provide  technical demands of swf-file (п.4),, as well as gif \ jpg-file as the image copy for the users, who don’t have the Flash-plugin, reference to the website.
4.    In all kinds of swf-files  the transition must be implemented by call
on (release) { getURL(_root.link1, "_blank");}





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