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“Blitz Media” Ltd. presents you Pressinfo.am internet-portal, an on-line library of Armenian and foreign printed Mass Media,  designed to let you read your favorite publications online and find the information you need about the press.

Due to this appropriate search method, you will be able to pick up newspapers, magazines, catalogues, guides and other publications. Then you can download the electronic variants to your computer or just follow the numbers you are interested in with the help of online-reader. Besides, you can formulate a subscription or just get acquainted with announcements of the selected media.

If a subscription or online version is not yet available, you can make a request, and we will, for sure, add your favorite magazine to our electronic library in a short time. Then we will inform you about the availability of this publication in our database. But the most important thing is that you will not have to change your gained habits while reading newspapers and magazines.

You can turn the pages, make notes and keep the magazine open in order to continue your further reading later, from the same page, as it was before. Our readers also will have an access to complete electronic archives per year or more of the most popular titles.

With Pressinfo.am you won’t need to store already read newspapers and magazines any more, cluttering up your living space. In order to find the article you want, simply write keywords in the search form!

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